Pricing and Ordering

How to Order

Select from JRE's broad selection of Pre-Configured RF test chambers (enclosures with a standard set of I/O connectors) or our In-Stock test chambers which use an easily designed custom I/O plate configured exactly for your needs. Our wide variety of connectors, Interface filters and other I/O will get you testing fast. Just give us a call or send an email to custom configure your RF Shielded Test Enclosure. Call (585) 298-9596.

Pre-Configured Test Enclosures (Stock Enclosures with I/O Installed)

JRE 0709-AJRE0709-A2 filtered DB9 (100, 1000pf) , 2 SMA, 1 four terminal strip$749.00
JRE 0709-BJRE0709-B3 filtered DB9 (two 100, 1000pf) , 4 SMA, 1 four terminal strip$899.00
JRE 0709-C1 filtered DB9 (1000pf), 2 SMA$589.00
JRE 0709-D2 filtered DB9 (100, 1000pf)$649.00
JRE 0709-EJRE0709-E2 filtered DB9 (100, 1000pf), 2 SMA, 1 four terminal strip$749.00
JRE 0709-UJRE Test JRE 0709-U RF Shielded test enclosure with USB 2.0 filtered interfaceUSB 2.0 Filtered interface, 2 SMA$879.00
JRE 0814-2R-AJRE0814-2R-ADual 2 filtered DB9 (100, 1000pf) , 2 SMA, 1 four terminal strip$2,695.00
JRE 0814-AJRE0814Anewfront2 filtered DB9 (100, 1000pf) , 2 SMA, 1 four terminal strip$1,299.00

In-Stock RF Shielded Test Enclosures (Add I/O Options from List Below)

JRE 0612JRE0612groupShielded test enclosure (price is per module)$749.00
JRE 0612ACJRE0612AclamOpenClamshell Style Shielded test enclosure$945.00
JRE 07090709PgroupShielded test enclosure$499.00
JRE 0814JRE0814AnewfrontShielded test enclosure$995.00
JRE 0814-2RJRE0814-2RShielded test enclosure$2,100.00
JRE 0912JRE0912-openShielded test enclosure$695.00
JRE 1522Clamshell Style Shielded test enclosure$1,895.00
JRE 16181618openShielded test enclosure$1,295.00
JRE 1714JRE1714-frontShielded test enclosure$1,495.00
JRE 1720JRE1720 RF Test Chamber front viewShielded test enclosure$2,495.00
JRE 1724JRE1724Shielded test enclosure$1,695.00
JRE 1724AJRE1724A-openShielded test enclosure$1,695.00
JRE 1729JRE1729-floating-coverShielded test enclosure$1,595.00
JRE 1812JRE1812-RF-Shielded-test-enclosureShielded test enclosure$895.00
JRE 1812FJRE1812F Forensics faraday enclosureShielded test enclosure with window and hand entry$1,995.00
JRE 1812WSJRE1812WS-ViewingShielded test enclosure with window and hand entry$1,395.00
JRE 2214JRE2214-OpenShielded test enclosure$1,295.00
JRE 2218JRE2218 RF shielded test enclosureShielded test enclosure$1,695.00
JRE 2233JRE2233frontShielded test enclosure$3,495.00
JRE 2525JRE2525 RF Shielded test enclosure front viewShielded test enclosure$2,695.00
JRE 2830JRE2830 RF shielded test enclosure front viewShielded test enclosure$2,895.00
JRE 3036JRE3036_openShielded test enclosure$3,995.00

Various connectors can be added to any RF enclosure at additional cost. Click here to learn more.

Window options are available for many JRE Shielded Test Enclosures.  Click here to learn more.

Setup & Machining of I/O plate

Add 'SETUP1' for connector plate/wall modification (per plate)
Add 'SETUP2' for custom machining of enclosure

SETUP1Cost of machining plate$150.00
SETUP2Cost of machining enclosure$200.00
WINDOWAdd an RF Shielded viewing window to any suitable sized enclosure$425.00

Test Equipment

JRE HPSS-1HPSS-1High power signal source, charger, dipole and Yagi antenna$995.00
JRE STA-1STA1hand350Hand held spectrum analyzer, includes Yagi antenna and charger$495.00
JRE TVKJRE-TVK350RF Isolation test set: HPSS-1, STA-1, chargers and carry case$1,295.00

I/O Interfaces

JRE AC-1JRE Test AC-1 Filtered AC Power Entry ModuleAC-1 Filtered Power Entry Module$205.00
JRE BOB-1BOB-HandBreak-Out Box Filtered Signal Line Interface$389.00
JRE HDMI-1HDMI-1-frontHDMI Filtered Interface$429.00
JRE HDMI-2HDMI-2-frontDual HDMI Filtered Interface$849.00
JRE LAN-1LAN1RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Filtered Interface$389.00
JRE LAN-10G-1JRE LAN-10G Filtered 10GBASE-T ethernet adapter handheld viewSingle Channel Ethernet 10GBASE-T Filtered Interface$489.00
JRE LAN-2LAN-2Dual RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Filtered Interface$729.00
JRE LAN-USB 2JRE LAN-USB 2 dual filtered interface adapterDual RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Filtered Interface$689.00
JRE LAN-USB 3JRE LAN-USB 3 Dual channel Filtered interfaceDual RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Filtered Interface$789.00
JRE USB2-1USB-2-1_350Single Channel USB 2.0 High Speed Filtered Interface$329.00
JRE USB2-2USB2-2_600Dual Channel USB 2.0 High Speed Filtered Interface$649.00
JRE USB3-1USB3Single Channel USB 3.0 'SuperSpeed' Filtered Interface$429.00
JRE USB3-2USB3-2Dual Channel USB 3.0 'SuperSpeed' Filtered Interface$849.00
JRE USB C-1USB C type RF filtered interfaceSingle Channel USB C type 'SuperSpeed' Filtered Interface$489.00


JRE ANT-211JRE Test ANT-211 broadband 2 to 11 GHz antennaBroadband 2-11 GHz Antenna$69.00
JRE ANT-2452.4 and 5-6 GHz WiFi Bluetooth dipole antenna2.4 and 5-6 GHz Dual band WiFi Antenna$20.00
JRE ANT-82JRE Test Multiband cellular PCS SMA antennaMultiband Cellular Antenna$39.00
JRE BBA-1AntennaStraightBroadband Antenna, Perpendicular SMA Connector$135.00
JRE BBA-1RHandAntennaBroadband Antenna, In-line SMA Connector$135.00

Filtered D-Sub Connectors

DB15 1000PF1000 pf DB15 RF Filtered connector$89.00
DB15 100PF100 pf DB15 RF Filtered connector$105.00
DB25 1000PF1000 pf DB25 RF Filtered connector$86.00
DB25 100PF100 pf DB25 RF Filtered connector$125.00
DB25 310PF310 pf DB25 RF Filtered connector$119.00
DB37 1000PF1000 pf DB37 RF Filtered connector$139.00
DB37 310PF310 pf DB37 RF Filtered connector$195.00
DB50 1000PF1000 pf DB50 RF Filtered connector$195.00
DB50 310PF310 pf DB50 RF Filtered connector$195.00
DB9 1000PF1000 pf DB9 RF Filtered connector, used for RJ45, USB1.1$45.00
DB9 100PF100 pf DB9 RF Filtered connector, used for RJ45, USB1.1$65.00
DB9 10PF10 pf DB9 RF Filtered connector, used for RJ45, USB1.1$68.00
DB9 COVERShielded cover for DB9 Male$5.00

Data Connector Adapter Kits

PS/2 ADAPTERAdapter from PS/2 connector to DB-9 Male$30.00
RJ11 ADAPTERRJ11_250Adapter from RJ-11 Female connector to DB-9 Male$30.00
RJ45 ADAPTERAdapter from RJ-45 Female connector to DB-9 Male$40.00
USB ADAPTERUSB-adapter_250Adapter from USB Type A connector to DB-9 Male$50.00

RF Feedthru Connectors (Includes Dust Cap)

BNC BULKHEADFemale jack to female jack$11.00
F BULKHEADFemale jack to female jack$9.00
N BULKHEADFemale jack to female jack$16.00
SMA BULKHEADFemale jack to female jack$18.00
SMA TO N SMAFemale jack to N female jack$23.00
SMB BULKHEADMale jack to male jack$21.00
TNC BULKHEADFemale jack to female jack$13.00
UHF BULKHEADFemale jack to female jack$23.00

Fiber Feedthru Connectors (Female to Female)

FC SIMPLEXBulkhead FC to FC simplex, includes dust cap$16.50
ST MULTIMODEBulkhead ST to ST multimode, includes dust cap$8.00

Filtered Terminal Strips (AC/DC)

4 TERM FILT AC/DC4 Terminal filtered, 250VAC/20A max, 100VDC/20A max$78.00
6 TERM FILT AC/DC6 Terminal filtered, 250VAC/20A max, 100VDC/20A max$98.00

Surge Suppressed Outlet Strips (Mounted Internally)

UNIVERSAL 3 OUTLET3 Outlet Power Strip Universal3 Outlet European 120-250VAC/15A, surge suppressed$40.00
UNIVERSAL 5 OUTLET5 Outlet Power Strip Universal5 Outlet European 120-250VAC/15A, surge suppressed$59.00
UNIVERSAL 6 OUTLET6 Outlet Power String Universal6 Outlet European 120-250VAC/15A, surge suppressed$96.00
USA 4 OUTLET4 Outlet Power Strip USA4 Outlet USA 120VAC/15A, surge suppressed$59.00
USA 5 OUTLET5 Outlet Power Strip USA5 Outlet USA 120VAC/15A, surge suppressed$60.00
USA 6 OUTLET6 Outlet Power String USA6 Outlet USA 120VAC/15A, surge suppressed$67.00

Ventilation Options

115AC FAN 80MM115 VAC Fan kit, includes power cord$95.00
220AC FAN 80MM220 VAC Fan kit, includes power cord$95.00
DC FAN 60MM12 VDC Fan kit, includes 120/240 VAC power supply$95.00
DC FAN 80MM12 VDC Fan kit, includes 120/240 VAC power supply$95.00
VENT 60MMDual 60mm vents with 12VDC fan, installed$475.00
VENT 80MMDual 80mm vents with 12VDC fan, installed$575.00