JRE FPT Fiber optic cable pass through portal


JRE FPT Fiber optic cable pass through portal

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Pass up to five fiber optic cables into the RF test chamber without having to remove connectors. Simply remove the four thumbscrews with the machined plate and pass through your cables with attached connectors. Reattach the machined plate and fasten with the four thumbscrews. Slotted holes on the machined plate allows adjustment of the portal from 0.13 to 0.35″ (3.3 to 8.9mm) allowing a variety of fiber optic cables to pass through. With fewer cables, the portal size can be minimized, thus raising the upper frequency limit for shielding isolation. Shielding isolation of 100db to 1 GHz and greater than 85dB to 6 GHz. Furnished with six thumbscrews (2 extra in case of loss).

For use only with fiber optic cables, if conductive cables or wires are passed through the portal, the shielding isolation of the test chamber will (obviously!) be severely degraded. Understand that any wired connection to a device inside a test chamber must be suitably filtered in order to maintain the shielding isolation of the test enclosure.

Note that pictures are shown with a populated I/O plate (SMA connectors, filtered 2 terminal strip and a USB 2-1 interface filter) this is to show how the Fiber portal fits on an I/O plate.