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Learn more about the use of RF test chambers and how to get the most out of your testing. Follow the links for the reports...

Taking the Mystery out of RF Wireless Testing - this report tells why an RF test chamber is needed, the basics of how it is used and a general overview of test enclosures.

How to select and configure an RF Shielded Test Enclosure - basic questions of how to configure your test chamber are addressed here, with considerations to connection to the test device inside.

Using an RF Test Chamber at 5G and microwave frequencies - faster wireless data speeds evolve and this forces higher and higher RF frequencies to be used. How can you use JRE Test chambers at these higher RF frequencies. A look is taken at existing test chambers and how many can be specified to operate up to 28GHz and beyond.

Understanding data signals through filtered I/O connectors - sending data signals into and out of the test chamber involves filtering, and this filtering can cause problems. Here's why, and how to deal with this conundrum of shielding out undesired RF signals while letting your data get through.

Measuring and verifying the shielding isolation of an RF shielded test enclosure - how do you see if your test enclosure is actually working? See how one can test the test chamber and also learn just how 'tight' it must be to provide full shielding isolation.

How to radiate signals into and out of an RF shielded test enclosure using antennas - in many cases one would like to have the device under test operate completely wirelessly using its own antenna to communicate to a test antenna located nearby inside. Here's how to do it and the considerations involved with using antennas inside the test chamber.

The effect of adding multiple I/O filters to a test enclosure - each time the shielding wall of the test chamber is 'broken' by adding a connector or filtered interface, there is a penalty to be paid. Using filtered interfaces with maximum isolation is needed, but adding too many may degrade the overall isolation.

FAQ - here's a list of typical questions and answers. Have one that isn't answered, contact us for a fast reply and perhaps we'll add it here also.