JRE UFI-1 Universal Filtered Interface


Eight independent filtered lines allow connections for virtually any device, ideal for: Automotive Ethernet, CAN, DSI Bus, BroadR, 100/1000BaseT1, FlexRay, 802.3, LVDS, CML, RS232/422/485, Audio, TRS/XLR, 20mA current loop

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Filtered interface for a wide variety of connections: DC, audio, data and more

  • Eight independent filtered lines allow connections for virtually any device
  • Works with ANY enclosure or screen room
  • Passes all desired signals while rejecting Cellular, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and all signals above 700 MHz
  • Ideal for: Automotive Ethernet, CAN, DSI Bus, BroadR, 100/1000BaseT1, FlexRay, 802.3, LVDS, CML, RS232/422/485, Audio, TRS/XLR, 20mA current loop
  • Over 80 db attenuation > 1 GHz with flat response < 480 MHz
  • Rugged machined aluminum construction
  • Low DC resistance on all filtered lines, each capable of up to 250mA @ 60 V
  • Excellent RF Isolation

The UFI-1 Universal Filtered Interface consists of 8 independently low pass filtered conductor lines inside a machined aluminum housing which provides exceptional RF shielding. Standard RJ-45 modular connectors are used for easy connection to the provided screw terminal blocks. The unplugable connector blocks will accept wire connections from 16 to 30 AWG, both stranded and solid. The filter is designed to reject frequencies greater than 700 MHz while passing desired signals from DC to 480 MHz on the filtered lines. The use of high performance inductors allows a current of up to 250mA and a DC resistance on any path below 1.5 ohms.

Audio devices such as microphones, headphones, speakers, TRS connectors, balanced line XLR , AES/EBU digital audio and other formats are easily handled by the filtered interface and the use of screw terminals allows convenient connection to any device connector being used.

Serial data carried on RS232/422/485 and the like are also easily accommodated with no consideration needed with regards to filtering capacitance loading the data signals, as would be required when using capacitance filtered DB style connectors. Industrial measuring devices that communicate using 20mA current loop are also easily passed.

Automotive Ethernet with its variety of connectors and implementations are all handled easily by the UFI-1 filtered interface. Simple swap-out of the screw terminal blocks allows easy and fast connection to a variety of connectors used in automotive devices.

The interface filter is supplied with two 12 inch (30mm) long pendant cables with RJ-45 connector on one end and a removable 8 position screw terminal block on the other, plus a small flat bladed screwdriver to aid in connection. Additional terminal blocks may be purchased from JRE Test or from most electronic distributors.

Download hole pattern: UFI-1 HOLE LAYOUT
Mounting screws are 4-40 and included with filter. Clearance hole size is 0.1285" diameter - #30 or 3.3mm drill

Features and Benefits

  • Eight independent RF filtered lines
  • DC power passing, low resistance of <1.5 ohms/line
  • Heavy duty machined aluminum case for reliable shielding and ruggedness
  • Precision designed filtering for minimal ringing on data lines
  • Excellent RF filtering at all wireless frequencies


Impedance in balanced configuration: 100 Ohms typical

Typical Insertion Loss (all eight signal lines):

  • 10 MHz  0.1 dB
  • 150 MHz  1.2 dB
  • 250 MHz  1.5 dB
  • 350 MHz  2.0 dB
  • 480 MHz  3.0 dB
  • 700 MHz  > 70 dB
  • 800 MHz to 6 GHz > 80 dB


Outside: 2" H x 3.2" W x 0.8" D (50 x 80 x 20 mm)

JRE UFI-1 Universal Filtered Filtered Interface Adapter

RJ-45 Female Jacks with included screw terminal blocks

Filtering: All 8 lines independently filtered

Power capability: Up to 60 VDC at 250 mA, 1.5 ohms max DC resistance


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