JRE D1-4T-USB2 Fast Track Populated I/O Plate


Populated I/O Plate with USB 2 filtered interface, a 4 Terminal filtered feed through and 2 Female SMA connectors


A selection of In-stock 'populated' I/O plates with the most common interfaces for fast delivery

  • Part number: D1-4T-USB2
  • 2 SMA Female bulkhead connectors for connection of RF signals into and out of the test chamber
  • 1 USB 2-1 filtered interface
  • 1 4 Terminal filtered feed through rated at 250VAC/20A max, 100VDC/20A max
  • Fits any JRE Test  chamber that uses Type "D" I/O plate
  • Standardized plates save money over custom designed plates

For fast test chamber delivery, JRE offers a wide selection of populated I/O plates with the most common connectors and filtered interfaces already installed and ready for installation in any of the in-stock test chambers. You can easily order the I/O plate that most closely fits your test needs and JRE will fit it to the test chamber you select and ship within a few days.

Since these standardized I/O plates are made in production quantities and not manufactured individually as custom plates are made, they not only speed delivery, but also offer an attractive cost savings over a custom made plate.

This I/O plate contains two female SMA bulkhead connectors with dust caps, a USB 2-1 filtered interface and a 4 Terminal filtered feed through rated at 250VAC/20A max, 100VDC/20A max. It fits any JRE test enclosure that uses an "D" size plate such as the JRE 1724A.

Want a different set of connectors or filtered interfaces? Contact JRE with your requirements and a custom I/O plate will be designed expressly for your test chamber. This plate will then be populated with the selected interfaces, mounted on the test chamber, final tested and then shipped to you. Other options such as fans, vents. internal AC power strips, fiber optic connectors can all be accommodated. JRE’s extensive inventory allows us to ship your custom configured test chamber in as little as one week!



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