JRE PEM-1 Filtered Power Entry Module


Provides RF filtered AC line mains power to devices within the test chamber

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Provides RF filtered AC line mains power to devices within the RF test chamber

  • Standard IEC Style C13/14 connectors for maximum versatility
  • 120/240 VAC at up to 10 Amps current
  • Broadband multi-pole filtering
  • 80 db isolation in test system from 30 MHz to over 6 GHz
  • Rugged machined aluminum construction
  • Works with ANY test enclosure or screen room

JRE’s PEM-1 filter provides an easy and convenient way to have AC power delivered inside the RF test chamber. When purchased with a matching power outlet strip, there is no extra wiring or connection set up needed, the power outlet strip will be mounted inside the test enclosure and the matching power cord plugged into your local AC power mains outlet. The use of standard IEC 60320 style power connectors allows simple power cord changes to operate world-wide with any local power outlet. When purchased alone, the PEM-1 includes a mating cord connector for connection to the PEM-1’s power outlet connector, IEC 60320 C13.

Tight RF shielding to the enclosure wall is assured by the use of a series of 4-40 size mounting screws (template included for stand alone installation). Tests made on competitive filters utilizing a single hole mount with large securing nut were prone to leakage since the coarse thread pitch does not allow a reliable flat seat against the enclosure wall. Additionally, the single mechanical point of securing the filter is subject to loosening and even a tiny loss of tightness results in leakage. Our specifications are measured with the filter installed in an enclosure - and with the same reliability no matter how many times connectors are inserted or the filter bumped or jostled. The smaller size also allows more filters on the I/O plate.

Download datasheet: PEM-1

Download PEM-1 Hole Pattern
Mounting screws are 4-40 and included with filter. Clearance hole size is 0.1285" diameter - #30 or 3.3mm drill

Features and Benefits

  • World standard IEC 60320 style C13/14 power connectors
  • Extremely wideband operation, from low VHF through microwave
  • Heavy duty machined aluminum case for reliable shielding and ruggedness
  • Multiple points of attachment secures without rotation or loosening


  • 80 dB isolation in test system configuration
  • 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 10 Amps


Outside: 3" H x 2.25" W x 1.6" D   (76 x 57 x 41 mm)

Plot of JRE Test AC-1 Filtered AC power entry module

JRE PEM-1 Filtered Power Entry Module

Connector Outside: IEC 60320 C14 Male

Connector Inside: IEC 60320 C13 Female

Power capability: 120/240VAC 50/60Hz 10A


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