About Us

John Ramsey, former owner and founder of Ramsey Electronics for over 27 years is the key figure behind JRE Test. John Ramsey was widely credited with being the inventor of the first home satellite TV receiver way back in 1980.

In the last 30 years, Ramsey has developed cost effective solutions for the RF test and wireless markets, from communication service monitors, low cost RF signal generators to leading the industry in the design of RF communication test products. He holds seven US patents with five related to RF shielded test enclosures and filters.

Low Impedance RF Shielded Window: US Patent 9,497,894
Electromagnetic isolation chamber with unimpeded hand entry:  US Patent 8,294,044
Electromagnetic isolation chamber: US Patent: 5,594,200
Radiofrequency Filter with Improved Attenuation of Common Mode Signals: US Patent 10,374,572B2
Radiofrequency Filter with Improved Attenuation of Common Mode Signals: US Patent 10,644,670

Seeing a need for higher performance shielded enclosures, also known as Faraday Cages or RF test chambers, Ramsey has joined forces with key people in the industry and formed a new company to develop, design and produce a series of both custom and stock model RF shielded test enclosures. Product innovation, lightning-fast customer communication and support, as well as Ramsey's years of experience in the field ensures that JRE Test will be your source for quality test enclosures. JRE's commitment to the benchtop RF Test Chamber continues with new designs for the latest generations of wireless, whether 5G and microwave or leading edge data filters.

John Ramsey continues as a successful International consultant for wireless testing, broadcast electronics and RF synthesizer design . He is actively involved in all aspects of JRE Test, from product design, testing and production oversight. When you deal with JRE Test, you are dealing with the original inventor of the modern RF shielded test enclosure, and have access to a team with over 60 years of experience to support your testing needs!

Perform complicated RF Wireless testing in any environment!