JRE BBA-1R Ultra Wide Range Broadband Compact Antenna


Ultra Wide Broadband Antenna with excellent VSWR from 1 MHz to over 6,000 MHz

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Broadband Antenna with excellent SWR from 1 MHz to over 6,000 MHz

  • Ideal for testing a wide variety of wireless devices
  • Excellent VSWR across the entire frequency range
  • Performance approximately -20 to -30dB below matched quarter-wave antenna
  • 1 watt power capability
  • Avoids stocking different antennas and change outs

One simple antenna can cover virtually all your wireless testing needs whether Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, anything from HF to over 6 GHz. Radiation performance of the antenna is approximately 20 to 30dB below an optimum matched quarter wave radiator depending upon frequency. When used within the confines of the RF shielded test enclosure, the BBA-1 performs admirably as an efficient antenna for both reception and emission.

The antenna is easily mounted with a single hole in the enclosure wall using the SMA connector hardware to attach. A right angle SMA connector option is also available for applications where it is desired to use the antenna at the end of a cable or to a Female SMA bulkhead connector on the enclosure's universal I/O plate. Characteristic impedance of the antenna is 50 ohms.

The BBA antenna is used in the ‘Near Field’ since it is inside a small enclosure rather than out in free space. In the near field, the antenna’s E and H fields become distorted by nearby objects. These distortions will impact the E field or H field differently, depending upon the absorption or reflection characteristics of the object/environment. When the E and H fields are distorted like this, a proper electromagnetic wave front will not develop. If a proper wave front can develop (usually at a distance of 5 -10 wavelengths away) a radiation pattern of the antenna can be characterized. However, inside a typical JRE test enclosure at typical wireless device frequencies, there is simply not enough volume to have the antenna perform in the far field, thus the non characterization of the BBA series antennas radiation pattern. The antenna can be thought of as a ‘leaky’ transmission line, where the RF signal is not fully contained within the line and thus power is radiated nearby.

The VSWR spec is important since we want to have a good match to the device attached, especially across a wide band, but also remember the near field effects on the E and H fields. These distortions in fields will cause the antenna to become mismatched as the reactive impedances change. This will affect the antenna’s radiation, so it’s important to have it matched well to avoid radiation ‘suck-outs’ based on frequency and nearby objects.

Download datasheet: BBA-1


BBA-1R: Right Angle SMA Connector


Straight SMA Connector

Typical Return Loss measurement of the BBA-1 antenna

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Features and Benefits

  • Extremely wideband - covers all popular wireless and cellular frequency bands and beyond
  • Excellent VSWR for proper test equipment match
  • Moderate power rating for transmission use
  • 50 Ohm characteristic impedance
  • Small size to fit any enclosure
  • Moderate efficiency ideally matches the close confines of the shielded test enclosure

Return Loss

-35dB @ 450MHz, -25dB @ 930MHz, -20dB @ 2GHz


1 x 5" (25 x 125 mm)


Model BBA-1:
SMA Female with long shaft and mounting nuts

Model BBA-1R:
Right angle SMA Female with long shaft and mounting nuts