5G & Microwave Enhancement Option


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5G Microwave Enhancement Option (Suffix “MW”)

Any of the standard JRE RF test chambers can be manufactured to meet more stringent isolation specs. This enhancement will provide 20 dB greater isolation than the standard product and also extend the upper frequency limit to 28 GHz. This option provides shielding isolation of: -120dB to 1GHz, -115dB to 3GHz, and -100dB to 28GHz.

While this enhancement is generally designed for microwave operation of our test enclosures, its additional isolation is valuable when testing very sensitive devices that require greater than the normal isolation. Such equipment as GPS, complex modulation format devices and other RF products with exceptional sensitivity will benefit greatly.

Take care to use similarly rated I/O filters and connections when using the MW option as the isolation of the entire test chamber will only be as good as it’s weakest link.

The internal dimension below the door opening will be reduced 3/4″ (19mm) with this option, all other dimensions will be unaffected.